About Us

Victor and Amy Dana founded DT, LLC Tires & Roadside Service establishment in 2021 after many years of working in the trucking industry. We help the community and companies alike. Our sons and daughters also play a part of the family business, taking your calls and delivering the best quality service we can offer our customers.

We wanted to give the community a lending hand by offering quality tires and service at an affordable price. Here at DT Tire, we consider our customers as family and take pride in the work we do.

When you are an owner/operator we know all too well how it is trying to keep up with everything. That’s why we’re here to help local companies and owners/ops. We offer 24/7 roadside service at a reasonable price, and just to go the extra mile we also help do yard calls and checks on all your business equipment.

Big or Small our service techs have the experience and drive to get the job done. We work on all vehicles that you may have including small Cars/Pickups, Large Suburban/Pickups, Semi trucks, Buses & Trailers.

We also know that in and around Artesia the agriculture scene is big, and a lot of people depend on the agriculture economy in Eddy County. Our techs are a call away to help local ranchers and farmers with any tire needs from plow tires to loader tires as well as tractor tires big and small. Multiple duals on axle? No problem!!! Give us a call or stop by DT Tires, we’re here to serve you!